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Gorgeous Autumn wedding photo-shoot - So many colors!!!

Here are some of my favorite shots from an Autumn wedding shoot in Central Park!
For anyone who is looking to plan a fall wedding with hopes of getting in some colorful foliage in the background we took these in early November when the colors were not quite in full peak, but as you can see we managed to get some pretty stunning backgrounds for our shots! Moral of the story: Don't fret. We can't predict the weather or when the leaves will change, but even just a bit of color can go a long way if you frame your shots right ;)
fotovolida_01-20161103_mg_9037 fotovolida_02-20161103_mg_9094 fotovolida_03-20161103_oto0112 fotovolida_04-20161103_mg_9346 fotovolida_05-20161103_oto0240