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Winter brides!!! Planning an outdoor winter photo shoot? Check out my guide on how to prepare!

Outdoor Winter wedding shoot must haves: -Ear muffs - a great way to keep warm without messing up you hair! Get a cute pair and make it part of your look! -Gloves - a cute cashmere elbow length pair looks great! or just a plain old pair of mittens for warming up in between or for some fun winter looks -A fur stole or warm wide scarf to match your dress - You may think you are tough enough to sport a sleeveless dress mid-winter, but the truth is that sometimes weather will win and you'll be happy to have the option for a bit of warmth but still look cute. -Bring that down parka too! - its a great savior to have on the sidelines for a quick warm up between shots or when traveling to new locations -Consider wearing cute boots instead of an open heel or bringing a pair of boots along to switch into for any down-time walking between locations -Layer up under your dress with thermal leggings or leg warmers - leg warmers are great even with shorter dresses as they can easily be stripped off or hiked up out of sight. -Warm socks - again, for the downtime between locations you can warm up your feet -Get some hand and foot warmer packets! You can grab them at any drug store in NYC, they heat up when exposed to the air, are surprisingly hot and last for hours!

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