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From a ski trip in Austria to a wedding in Central Park

This is definately one of my favorite "how we met" stories...

Brian met Sladjana in a cafe in Austria while Brian was on a birthday trip with friends.  He was standing behind her waiting to get a coffee and just decided to ask her out!  She, a native Austrian, said yes to the bold American gentleman.  It wasn't soon after that Brian moved to Europe so they could be together.  When it came time for their wedding they decided to celebrate back on his home turf with a wedding at Central Park's Belvedere Castle built in 1865.  Family and friends came together from all over Europe and the U.S. to celebrate the lovely occasion.

Click below to see a selection of highlights from their wedding story...

Wedding planning by:  A Central Park Wedding

Wedding Officiant:  Hope Mirlis

Flowers:  Artsy Flora