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When a picture perfect picnic in the park turns into a picture perfect proposal

Diego and his girlfriend Marcia planned a trip to New York City from South America.  Unbeknownst to Marcia, Diego had also planned to propose to her with the help of A Central Park Wedding.  

A romantic picnic in Central Park on a perfect day in August

A romantic picnic in Central Park on a perfect day in August

First step was arranging a perfect picnic, with the pros of perfect picnics, Perfect Picnic NYC.


The plan was then for Diego to tell Marcia he had a special picnic planned for just the two of them in Central Park and part of the picnic "package" included a photographer who would stop by for a minute to grab a few shots of them hanging out in the park amongst their gorgeous spread...This is where I come in...


I approached the couple for their "picnic portraits" and Diego went for it - getting down on one knee and asking Marcia to marry him.


Needless to say - she said yes!


Proposal planning by:  A Central Park Wedding

Picnic by:  Perfect Picnic NYC